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About Me

Definitely not elon musk

  • Am an independent Salesforce consultant and I run Salesforce Casts .
  • Have been working on Salesforce for around 15 years.
  • I have applied for three patents during my tenure with Salesforce, Inc.
  • Been a part of architecting and developing 30+ Salesforce implementations over the past 15 years.
  • Helped a lot of companies in building game-changing salesforce applications pre-funding, a few of them even got Series A funding.
  • Been a part of architecting and developing 30+ Salesforce implementations over the past 15 years.
  • Created Chatter Out Of Office [Chatter COO] replacement for Outlook auto response but for Chatter. I eventually ended up applying for a parent around this. You can even find this feature in GA now.
  • Created Chatter Auto Translator[CAT] back in 2013. In Facebook, Twitter (and other web apps) when you find the comments in foreign languages you will find a link to auto translate the text. Back in those days, chatter posts made in different languages will be auto translated and posted below the actual comment.
  • Created a Chatter post to Knowledge Article app and ended up applying for a patent for that too.
  • Built a [voice assistant for Salesforce] and this is even before Amazon Alexa days.
  • Integrated Salesforce Notes & Attachments (now they are called Files) with a [custom PDF viewer with annotation capabilities]. It was a fun project, the learning curve was steep. This was back in 2013.
  • Created the [first ever configurable store locator] app on Salesforce back in 2012.
  • Created a simple Google Analytics alternative to measure chatter performance, everything was built using vanilla JS, Charts API on Salesforce platform.
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Here are a few things I can help you with.


Making complicated stuff easy to understand in writing.


Planning out how to use Salesforce so it works great for your business.


Setting up Salesforce just right for what you need.


Creating custom features in Salesforce to make it better and build tailer made features.


Connecting Salesforce with other tools you use, smoothly.


Checking everything in Salesforce works perfectly before you use it.

What makes me different?

I have worked with organizations like Salesforce, unicorns, and startups that raised quite a few million dollars in funding and grew enormously in size. I 've seen it all and bring all those experiences to the table

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Sit back and relax! we don 't need constant guidance. My expertise ensures your Salesforce projects move forward smoothly, even when you're focusing on building the business.

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Great things always start with a humble beginning!

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